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Food & Beverage

Nikhil Gandhi

Banamin Healthcare


Our USP is very simple. We are not just focusing on a single nutritional-value point like protein. We are providing the balanced nutrition.

My journey started with Shell in Malaysia where as a part of job activities I used to ...
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Food & Beverage

Fern McCoy

Mockingbird Spirit


Earthy Blue Weber Agave, sweet vanilla and cinnamon with a healthy hint of habanero – evocative & moreish!

Fern McCoy is the founder of Mockingbird Spirit. It is the debut drink from a new Bristol-based non-alcoholic drinks company, Mockingbird Spirit.
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Mobile App

Vihan Patel (Founder)

The Power of Music (POM)


The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll start. Take the risk while you can.

Vihan Patel, Founder at The Power of Music (POM): A Dating App for Music Lovers.
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Dhruvam Thaker (Founder)

The SMART Taxi


I believed in my idea and moved forward with self funding. You can bootstrap to build a cash positive business.

Dhruvam Thaker is the founder of The SMART Taxi company, which aims to become India’s number 1 cab ...
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