Why Business Mocha?

Why Business Mocha?

  • Startups need an idea.
  • Businesses need a product.
  • Startups need guidance.
  • Businesses need growth.
  • Startups need a marketplace.
  • Businesses need visibility.
  • Startups need mentors.
  • Businesses need to explore.
  • Both, startups and businesses, need the right People.

All Startups and Businesses need Business Mocha.

Business Mocha is a collaborative platform for prospective entrepreneurs, founders, investors and established leaders in the industry.  Here, like-minded people can innovate, create, network and grow. Together.

Having worked very closely with various business leaders, startup founders and the new entrants in the technological sector, Praveen Joshi founded Business Mocha as a space where business learnings and experiences can be shared.

Business Mocha will chronicle and document Praveen’s interactions with various business leaders. The industry experts will be sharing their life and business journey and engaging you with actionable business strategies.

Business Mocha is the place to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Business Mocha is the place to take your existing business to the next level.

Business Mocha is the place to learn what decisions to make next.

Over a cup of mocha, we offer a platform for entrepreneurs to scale their ventures.

At Business Mocha, we help:

  • Give visibility to startups
  • Grow your business to the next level
  • Provide an opportunity to find you cofounders
  • Share experiences
  • Publish valuable experiences of successful entrepreneurs
Startups Need
An Idea
Businesses Need
A Product
Startups Need
Businesses Need
Startups Need
A Marketplace
Businesses Need
Startups Need
Businesses Need

Both, Statups and Businesses, need the right People

All Startups and Business need Business Mocha

At Business Mocha, We Help:

  • Give Visibility to startups
  • Provide an opportunity to find you cofounders
  • Grow your business to the next level
  • Share Experiences
  • Publish Valuable Experience of successful entrepreneurs

Find out more about Business Mocha Advisor, Praveen Joshi here.